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Liberals and Their Double Standards. v. 1.0.0

doublestandardsCheck it out, I found a farm we can send all the liberals to.  They’ll feel right at home!  Anyway, I thought to just title all blogs involving liberal double standards the same and add a version number so as to keep track.  I’ve already written a few but as I’ve noticed…it never ends.  A title all it’s own and a category all it’s own.  Congratulations liberals!  You’re gaining exposure.  The latest in a long train of intellectual abuses involved the recent Town Hall meetings that have been, at most, heated.  I mentioned just yesterday about these angry Americans and there’s been quite a bit in the news since then.  I quoted a Youtube user that said the following:

Rumor has it that many of these so called protesters are mostly insurance lobbyists and insurance execs and insurance employees all given the day off to protest. How sad. Is this what the country has come to? A bunch of brown shirts disrupting meetings! Hitler would be proud………

Well as of last night I have another quote to show you.  This one is from a Twitter retweet I received:

the only ppl pissed off are paid FreedomWorks/Prosperity For America shills! Must be nice living in your world.

First thing I thought was obvious, if I’m pissed off at the Government, what makes you think it’s nice living in my world?  It’s far from nice and getting worse.  Being aggravated and angry at the way Obama and the left are destroying America leads you to make a “must be nice” condescending remark?  Also, the fact that I’m angry, and not a paid FreedomWorks/Prosperity for America shill, makes your comment false.  Now, besides the fact that nobody from the left has yet to make a rational comment regarding the issues Americans have with Obamacare, they are also ignorantly blind of the hypocrisy of opposing  what they believe are organized and paid protests.  “Well they have pre-made signs and orchestrated chants.”  You mean, like this?

Heh, this video was actually from an ACORN supporter via Youtube.  Matching hats?  Shirts?  Signs?  Hmm??  Organized maybe?  Orchestrated maybe?  So tell me, liberal “friend”, IF the asinine claims from the left were true and all the town hall protesters (which numbered at almost 10 thousand at one location) were organized or orchestrated, why do you have a problem with it?  ACORN does it all the time and you’re fine with that.  Why is it ok for them, but not for us?  OH, I forgot…double standards.  This anger we have is manufactured, but it’s being manufactured by the poison of liberalism.  We’ve had enough, we’re angry, and we’re not going to shut up.


What? More Double Standards?!?

I know, I know, I just wrote on double standards not that long ago, but it’s happening again.  There really isn’t much to say about this one as it’s pretty much self explanatory.  Remember Senator Barbara Boxer’s rant against Brigadier General Michael Walsh?  No spin, no opinion, just the facts:

During a hearing before her Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, she scolded the Brigadier General for, of all things, calling her “ma’am” instead of “senator.”  Apparently she was offended by it.  He started to answer one of her questions by saying “ma’am” but didn’t get to finish his statement, she interrupted with:

“You know, do me a favor.  Could you say ‘senator’ instead of ‘ma’am?  It’s just a thing, I worked so hard to get that title, so I’d appreciate it, yes, thank you.”

According to the guide Military Protocol: Uniformed Services General Walsh was perfectly respectful in addressing her as ma’am, something he would do for someone of a higher rank than himself.  For her to spew such an invective and scold him in public like she did was very disrespectful and showed no class.  And as the future would show, it’s not something she’s consistent in demanding.  One wonders why she would demand to be called Senator by the Brigadier General but not this next gentleman.

During an Environmental Public Works Committee meeting on “green” jobs, there is an exchange between Senator Barbara Boxer and chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Harry Alford.  Rush Limbaugh summed up the exchange (which I will post shortly) this way:

Now, let me translate here what’s happening.  The National Black Chamber of Commerce is  not all sold on this “green” energy business, and Barbara Boxer at the Environment and Public Works Committee, a hearing on “green” jobs, starts quoting all these other black groups while the witness at the time is the chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Harry Alford.  So she starts talking about the CEO of 100 Black Men of Atlanta and then the NAACP support, and how vital that is, and this guy’s offended by this. He said, “Other groups over me, other blacks over me? Why don’t you talk about Asians? It’s racial.”  She’s clearly stunned by this, Barbara Boxer is not used to people calling her a racist.

Now, regardless of the topic and the racial overtones of her talking points, I want you to watch the video and count how many times he called her ma’am, and then count how many time she demanded he call her senator instead.

By my count, he addressed her 4 times as “ma’am” instead of Senator, something she was previously upset about in the hearing with the Brigadier General.  So why the double standard?  I’m telling you, and I’ve been telling you, liberals are always showing their true colors.  Always showing these double standards.  Stay posted to my blogs, there’s bound to be more of the same and I will keep showing liberals for what they are.