Who be I?

savedconsermoneyMy name is Kevin, and I am the official Czar of Liberal aneurysms.  I’m also one of those guys you either hate or you love.  There’s usually no third direction.  If you’re conservative, you’ll love me.  If you’re a liberal, you’ll hate me.  Truth and common sense will do that to a liberal.  I am a hardcore right-wing evangelical Christian conservative.  Highly opinionated and often sarcastic, which will either tick you off, or make you laugh.  I do try not to be rude, but some people just can’t take the sarcasm.  I see sarcasm as a tool, highly effective when used properly.  While you may find something I say offensive, my intent is not to offend, my intent is to make your argument look stupid and you foolish and to be honest, liberals don’t exactly need any help in that department.  Being offended is very much a personal choice.  So, get over it!  I’ve been called an “obnoxious instigator” and then in the same breathe was told not to be demeaning to people….and those are the people I generally have to deal with.  Idiotic liberals.  The hypocrites that can’t see their own hypocrisy.  So, I step in and point it out for them.    So welcome to my e-motional bloggage!


2 responses to “Who be I?

  1. Excellent blog Kevin, keep up the good work!

  2. Just checking in – welcome from another arch conservative – come by if you get a chance and see if you’d like to add us to your blogroll as well.

    Take care!

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