Throw it in Reverse

unityI hear the phrase “reverse racism” and “reverse discrimination” thrown around a lot.  If I’m honest with myself, which I usually am, I’d admit it makes no sense whatsoever to me.  How is racism reversed?  If a white man calls a black man the N word, it’s racist.  If a black man calls a white man a “cracker”, it’s also racist (also notice how I can say cracker, but not…yep, you noticed.)  What, exactly, makes one of those scenarios qualify to be considered reverse racism?  These questions are rhetorical mind you, I know the answer, and I’m going to clue you in.  See, in America we have been indoctrinated into thinking that true racism is only white on _______ (insert preferred color/race here).  The white man has been holding the “whatever-color-the-liberals-want-votes-from-and-thus-convince-to-believe-they’re-victims” down.  Typically, according to Obama who is about as far left as you can lean without falling over (although he has been losing his balance of late.  I’m sure you noticed when he had his little health care reform press conference the other day.  Someone definitely did act stupidly) it’s the hispanics and blacks.  Now, have they had a lot of crap to deal with?  Sure, but who gets blamed for the low education levels and poor living conditions of some blacks and hispanics?  Who else?  White America.  White America….I don’t get that phrase either, last time I checked we had reds and yellows, blacks and whites.  I don’t care what percentage of which is here, America is an assimilation of everyone everywhere.  I for one could care less what color someone is.  Call me crazy but I judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.  The blame game the liberals and other leftists perpetuate in this country has led some to feel that racism is one sided.  That somehow it’s unidirectional.  This mindset has brought about this “reverse” culture which I believe is bogus.  Racism is evil no matter where it came from or where it’s directed.  It’s a product of blaming everyone around us for failings or under achievements and the result of the hidden evil of diversity.  Diversity is the very antithesis of America.  The very antithesis of unity.  Diversity separates and empowers through victimization and entitlement.  Bringing only specific groups together to rise up against other groups that don’t appreciate their differences.  Unity unites us despite our differences, it embraces us without regard to any characterizations.  We are one.  The fallacy of reverse racism only continues the belief that racism is a one way street and that it has an epicenter.  One could argue that the idea of racism originating from the white man is itself, racist.  Is there such a thing as reverse hatred?  What about reverse lying? Reverse cruelty?  No of course not.  We understand these things to be universal.  Anyone can hate, or lie, or be cruel to anyone else.  If the other person does it back, it’s the original act, it’s not “reversed.”  The honest conclusion is that there is no such thing as reverse racism or reverse discrimination and it’s evil no matter where it comes from.


2 responses to “Throw it in Reverse

  1. Then what do we call it? Like you said a white comedian uses the “N” word its in the news, newspappers and they may loose there job. A black comedian calls a white man a cracker,honkey, people just role with it. Ther are Gov. grants for groups Whites cant get in on, you can lable a group as black,histanic,arab blaa blaa group, but cant lable it White blaa blaa group becouse thats discrimination. Yes im a white male 52yrs. old have been told Icant have a job need to hire a minority, I cant get the same bussiness loans as an imagint, I was born in the us. To end this why as the say Im the majority but I dant have the same rights and oppertunities

    • r3dst0rm0nl1n3

      We call it racism. It’s discrimination. Just as bad as if it was done to a quote unquote “minority.”

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