Something to Hide

Did you hear about Obama and how people are skeptical about whether he is a natural born citizen or not?  Yeah, of course you have.  The libs are annoyed, obviously.  Anytime anyone questions anything legit about him, they freak.  How dare we question the messi….uhh president.  Is it just me, or could this whole issue be utterly and completley silenced with a simple “Hey guys, here’s my birth certificate!  My actual vault copy birth certificate!  See here?  I was born in America, so shut up already!”  Simple.  So, why hasn’t he done it?  The BEST he’s come up with is a digital copy.  I’ve got Photoshop too, want to be born in Paris?  I can make it happen.

There is a very real probability that he’s hiding something.  Think about it!  It’s very simple to shut up the right-wing nuts, just show us a real vault copy birth certificate.  I know it wouldn’t please all of us, some would claim “Well he took so long to show it, he was probably getting this fake one made to pass off as an original.”  There may be some grain of validity behind that but for me, I’d be satisfied.  If I walked into my local 7-Eleven to pick up a six pa…uh, stimulus package…I’d be asked for my ID.  Would a simple “Don’t worry, I’m over 21, here’s a picture of my ID on my phone here, see?  No worries.” pass?  Nope, they want the real deal.  What makes this any different?  I’m honestly asking, WHY would someone ignore something as important as this?  He would be constitutionally ineligible to continue serving as President and on top of that, all the decisions he’s made would be null and void.  Wow, think of how much bluer the sky would look if that came to be reality.  But the question of why is definitely something to think about.  Showing us the birth certificate is simple and would end it all.  So, why not do it?  Why ignore it?  Why pass it off as nonsense, unless he’s truly got something to hide.  What do you think?


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