Michael Jackson: A tragedy


No, not his death.  Though death is tragic, people die every day.  In fact, if you check your local obituaries, you’ll find more people who have passed away.  And my guess is they won’t be pedophiles, yet, they’ll go unnoticed.  That’s the real tragedy.  But alas, all anyone can seem to talk about is the passing of the king of pop.  This man is being treated like royalty.  Despite his shady past, people are obsessed with giving him more honor than is due.  Including congress offering a moment of silence in honor of him.  I wonder if you’ll get the same.  Our own military doesn’t get that amount of respect from congress, so I say don’t hold your breath on that one.

You think me harsh?  Disrespectful?  Rude?

Get over it.  He’s just a man.  Or was, just a man.  When he’s buried he’ll be no different than the bones he’s buried near.  Guess what?  When you die, your pile of bones will be no greater or no lesser than his.  How about that!  You and Michael Jackson, equal in death.  Which brings me to another question, why weren’t you equal in life?  What elevated his position in life above yours?  He sang better than you?  Maybe.  He danced better than you?  Possibly.  He’s had more face time with a plastic surgeon than Nancy Pelosi?  Ok, that’s a toss up.  He had his ups, he had his downs.  Every one of us can say that.  So why the hype?

Before you get P.O.’d, which quite frankly I could care less if you do, hear me out.  WHY the frikk do people offer such respect and give such honor to someone like Michael Jackson but do NOTHING for the family across the street that just lost a loved one?  Does our compassion have boundaries?!?  Honor the star who was accused of acts of pedophilia but don’t honor those in the military that die fighting for us.  Honor the singer that dangled a baby from a balcony but ignore the elderly that seem to fade into the mist as the world forgets they even existed.  It’s not the respect that bugs me.  It’s not the fact that people want to hold vigils and pay honor.  It’s the hypocrisy of the people that do it!  If congress is going to hold a minute of silence for Michael Jackson, they should do it every single day someone in the military is killed.  Stop elevating celebrities to the status of a god and bowing before them in idle worship.  Show some real respect.  Pray for his family, they need it.  While your at it, don’t forget Billy Mays, Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon as well.  Granted, these folks have the advantage of being known to the public, but that doesn’t mean those not known to the public should be forgotten.  I’m not advocating that we not pay tribute to the deceased, but drop it down a notch people, in the end, we’re all shadows and dust.


2 responses to “Michael Jackson: A tragedy

  1. I have been saying the same thing for a couple days now. I am so sick of hearing about this.

  2. rightwingflight

    amen brother

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