Stop stereotyping Pro-Lifers

With the news of late-term abortionist George Tillers murder, some pro-choicers from all over the country are on the verbal attack.

  • I guess they only believe in life if your one who agrees with them.”
  • This is so typical of the people who claim to be pro-life.”
  • “Like the Taliban, anti-abortionists will kill you if you disagree.”
  • “Pro-lifers at their best! Don’t ya just love those ironic Christians?”
  • “Commit murder in a church, real good message from the so-called pro-life Christians. Really sad state these folks have put this country in.”

There are hundreds, if not more, comments very much like these and I’m sure you may have seen some very similar today.  On the same note, I have seen other comments such as “The world is a safer place now” as well, and I totally disapprove of any such statements.  Murder is NEVER OK, whether it be by abortion or by the hands of a vigilante.  It’s wrong.

Before I address this, I would like to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the Tiller family.  Even though I am pro-life and I found the late-term abortion procedures that George Tiller performed to be evil, immoral, unethical, and murder, I do NOT support these vigilante actions of an equally evil, immoral, and unethical murder.  What George Tiller did was wrong, and what has been done to him is equally wrong.  This was tragic and uncalled for.

Now, the comments that are being directed toward pro-lifers and Christians is unfair, ignorant, and sophomoric drivel.  A REAL Christian does NOT support the actions of this vigilante.  A REAL pro-lifer also does NOT support the actions of this vigilante.  Stop stereotyping all pro-lifers and Christians as hypocrites as it shows a complete lack of understanding of what a true pro-life advocate and a true Christian really is.  I rarely get angered by people but to put me in the same category as this evil man that committed such a heinous crime against Mr. Tiller is asinine.   Get to know the people you’re insulting before you make foolish statements like the ones mentioned.  Try getting to know what a pro-lifer really believes and what a real Christian believes before vomiting the rotten material your liberal friends feed you.  And before you ask me to do the same, I have.  I have gotten to know liberals, and I have yet to meet one that doesn’t stereotype people groups and lump them all together in a pile and then apply false labels, ideals, and principles  to the lump.

Again, to the family of George Tiller, my thoughts and prayers go out to you.


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