Propaganda Starts Now

With the Cap and Trade debate looming, libtards have their first piece of media created disaster to help usher in more taxes for all Americans.  A new report is blaming adverse conditions in the Amazon Basin on what else, Global Warming.  In 2005 there were record low levels that were forecasted to possibly get worse over the years.  Four years later, it’s flooding.  This isn’t global warming, or as I call it, Climate Reversal And Permutation (we’ll just call it c.r.a.p for short), it’s what we normal people call “rotation.”  Droughts and floods are cyclical, we all know this.  Some years there are record highs, some are record lows.  We have record heat, cold, rain, and drought.  Some years we have busy storm seasons, some not so much.  None of this is surprising and it will never change.  There will never be a time when the climate will change so dramatically that we have constant seasons.  Never will it be always winter or always summer.  Genesis 8:22 says  “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease.”

I believe the reason for the scare tactics in this report is simple, with Cap and Trade talks looming, the liberals in Washington need something to prove that Cap and Trade is something that we have to pass.  The world is at stake!  If I may remind you of a time in the very near past when swine flu was, as the media came very close to calling it, a pandemic.  At the time when the world ending flu was being reported, there was one small piece of information some may not have noticed.  The HHS seat of the secretary was vacant and Kathleen Sebelius was the nominated person for that seat.  There were many people petitioning to keep her out of that seat for reasons such as tax evasion, lying about campaign contributions, and having close ties to late-term abortionist George Tiller.  With the vote coming soon, the media was in a frenzy to spread panic about the swine flu.  The headlines were grim, the votes were counted, and Sebelius won.  After that, the headlines faded, and much wasn’t heard about swine flu.  Granted, it’s still in the news, and the fact is that’s it’s worse now that it was then.  So where are the headlines?  Where’s the panic?  Where’s the reports of a pandemic?  The US deaths are rising, NY is a hotbed for the flu, but the headlines are not there.  You can search for it yourself and see the reports, but it’s not the same “in your face” reporting that it was before HHS had a secretary.  The media is yet again responsible for putting another person of low integrity in Washington.  Now, Obama’s socialistic health plan can have more push behind it.

So, do you see where I’m going with this? A cap and trade bill is expected to be on the House floor by mid-June and you know darn well real republicans are going to fight it.  What better way for the libiots to have some sort of leverage than a natural disaster caused by C.R.A.P?  It’s pure propaganda.  You watch over the coming weeks and see if you don’t notice an increase in C.R.A.P caused problems across our planet being pushed by the media.  There will be headlines, there will be panic, the votes will be counted, and my guess, it will pass.  That will not be good for America.  Get ready for more taxes.  Listen to the messiah himself.  The propaganda starts now.


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