The Great “Protect Life” Debate


As a pro-lifer, there is one argument I hear too many times from the leftist pro-choicers and that is this, “How can you be pro-life and pro death penalty at the same time?  You want to protect life but then want to take it?  You’re such a hypocrite!”

This argument is very poor.  The issues are not related and have nothing to do with each other besides the premise of “protecting life.”  Where the liberal fails in using any logic at all is in realizing that when we want to protect a baby’s life, it’s an innocent life.  The death penalty is just that, a penalty.  When you take away someone’s right to live you have forfeited your right to live.  Murder is illegal and has consequences.  The death penalty is justice, I support justice.  Abortion is murder, it is taking away that child’s right to life, and thus, I do not support it.  Being pro-life is one of wanting to protect the innocent.  Being pro death penalty is one of wanting to uphold justice.  The issues are apples and oranges, they may both be fruit, but the juice is not the same.

In discussing this topic, the argument has to be put forth that if taking away someone’s right to life is murder, then does the abortion doctor not fall under that charge?  I say they do.  They are taking away someone’s right to life and are thus forfeiting their own right to live.  Why does this not hold true?  Why is it, if you shoot and kill a pregnant woman in the street, you can be charged with two counts of murder but an abortion doctor is not held accountable for their actions?  They are both unjustifiably taking life and that action is illegal and has consequences.

So in response to the question of how I can be pro-life and pro death penalty, I say it is because I believe in protecting the innocent and delivering justice to the guilty.


One response to “The Great “Protect Life” Debate

  1. I must say this is very well written. Personally I don’t know where I stand on the death penalty but I do support saving innocent babies and allowing them the chance to live.

    If only it was law to show potential mothers who wish to abort their pregnancy, images of their baby so they can see for themselves that they are human and not some partially formed blob.

    We are human from the moment of conception…too many people are willingly blind to this simple premise.

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