I will bring you change, just nothing different

Obama’s campaign was one of change.  But was it different?  Here are a few things to think about in regards to all this new change he talked about.

I’d like to show you a few campaign quotes:

“A campaign conversion isn’t the same as a lifetime of conviction and a commitment to change.   Today I want to talk about real change”

“Finally, we need to demand change throughout our society — from business, labor, and government — and work together to forge a new social compact for economic growth.”

“Finally, if we’re going to overcome the old economic arrangements that are holding America back, American workers and American businesses are going to have to be open to change.”

“This country doesn’t need a new program for every problem, and we won’t get change simply by spending more on programs already on the books. We need to reinvent government to deliver new services in different ways,”

“In the new American economy, everyone will have to change, and everyone will get something in return.”

Reinventing government and all this change was all Obama talked…….oh snap, that was from Clinton in 1992….my bad!  Obama must have had one of Clinton’s old teleprompters O_o


3 responses to “I will bring you change, just nothing different

  1. This cracked me up.

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