Is the world running out of space? OH NOES!!!

The following was written a while back, the current world population figure is different than listed here, the results are still valid to make a point.  I am quite aware of the fact that houses, businesses, trees, dogs, cats, mosquitoes, pieces of paper, dirt, and liberals are wasting space as well.  The whole point of this humorus post was simply to put the idea of the world running out of space due to over population in perspective.  So, for your entertainment, my rant 🙂

Oh muh gee.  I love it when people believe the same old lie…

“The world is becoming over populated!”

So, to prove that over population is nothing more than a load of horse hockey, let’s perform some math 🙂

What is the world’s population count?  About 6,667,866,657

How many square miles are in the United States?  3,794,066

How many square yards are in 3,794,066 square miles?  Well…..
1 square mile = 3,097,600 square yards.  Soo….*divide by cheese, carry the flu, subtract the dog….*  you get 11,752,498,841,600 square yards

How many acres?  Well……1 Acre = 4,840 Square Yards.  Sooooo…..*multiply the cat with the sink, add some butter and divide the speed of light from the result of nuclear fission*…….you have 2,428,202,240

Ok, 6,667,866,657 people divided by 2,428,202,240 acres in the United States….that’s about .28 acres per person.

So, in summation, if every person on the planet moved to the United States, each person could own a little less than a third of an acre for themselves.  Now, this does not take into account entire families that would be living on the same piece of land.  Over populated?  Me thinks not.

(the following is an addendum to this, in regards to population increase and the idea of a 4.5 billion year old earth.  It was written today.  The previous was written May 15th 2008.)

How long have humans been here anyway?  Well, that depends on who you ask.  Ask me, I say less than 10,000 years.  But I’m a crazy young earth creationist.  Don’t listen to me, I trust God over biased scientific interpretations.  Anyway, the answer to how long humans like us have been on planet earth is questionable.  Nobody has a definite answer.  Some say the first walking human was Lucy.  Supposedly “dated” at around 3 to 4 million years ago.   That’s not entirely accepted due to the fact that they say Lucy was not a homo sapien, but was just a hominid, “she” (she is questionable…) walked upright.  According to some, the first homo sapien walked the earth about 200,000 years ago, but that is in question too since it’s hard to find fossils to date.  Even some will claim 100,000 years ago..but blah blah blah some others question that too.  But anyway, we have some numbers with which to tick off evolutionists and make them foam at the mouth.  So lets use them!  First question you might have is “What are you talking about anyway?  Who cares how long we’ve been here?”  Well, my point will be that population growth, which is exponential, doesn’t allow for an earth that old.  Or at least doesn’t allow for humans to have lived here that long.  If that was the case, we really would be over populated.

Population grow is exponential.   What does exponential mean? I was going to just write down the dictionary definition but it was clear as mud.  I like this explanation of exponential growth better:

In mathematics exponential growth occurs when the growth rate of a function is always proportional to the function’s current size. Such growth is said to follow an exponential law. This implies for any exponentially growing quantity, the larger the quantity gets, the faster it grows. *

If you’re more of a visual person, kind of like myself, you’ll appreciate a chart better:


Starts off small, and then get’s bigger, faster, and faster the bigger it gets.  If two make 4, and those 4 make 2 you have 8, and those 8 make 2 you have 16…so forth and so on.  There’s also a little game you teach kids about saving that also applies this principle.  If you started with 1 penny on the 1st day of the month, and doubled it every day, how much would you have at the end of the month?  Same deal here.  Let’s apply this principle of population growth to the amount of years I mentioned before, and lets just see what we end up with.

First, let’s be conservative on the numbers, let’s say that humans have only been walking around on this crazy planet for 50,000 years.  Let’s also assume that the population will double every 150 years.  Again, another assumption I’ll make, is that we start with only 2.  I’m being generous here, the current approximate doubling rate is actually around 40 years.  Anyway, after 150 years there will be four people, after another 150 years there will be eight people, after another 150 years there will be sixteen people, and so on.  After only 50,000 years, the world population would be MASSIVE.  A 1 followed by 100 zeros!


That’s a lot of people, don’t you think?  I think it’s safe to assume evolutionists are wrong.  Way wrong.  Just to put this in perspective, a modest calculation of hydrogen atoms in the universe is roughly 4 followed by 79 zeros.  If “we” existed 50,000 years ago and doubled our population every 150 years, the human race would outnumber the hydrogen atoms in the whole of the universe by billions.

Using the same generic growth calculation, after 32 doublings, which is only 4,800 years, the world population would have reached almost 8.6 billion.  A number much much closer to reality.  We know from the bible that the pre-flood population was dropped to a post-flood number of 8 and that flood was approximately 4,500 years ago.  Take into account, of course, disease, people having larger families, smaller families, and things of that nature, a human existence of 4,500 years makes a lot more sense.

But don’t listen to me, I’m a crazy young earth creationist.


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