Climate Reversal And Permutation

I”ll try to keep this as short as possible, but if anyone is generally interested in my sources, I’ll be happy to share them. I know some people don’t like to read long posts so I’ll just state the facts and back them up if need be. Most people know I don’t just make stuff up, so here’s my little global warming rant!  Or, as we shall call it, C.R.A.P.

Global Warming is a popular topic with a lot of people mainly due to the “dooms day” images and commentary by a few of it’s louder proponents. Videos and images of huge ice chunks falling in the ocean, talks of droughts, melting icecaps, flooding coastlines, and the like, scare people into this feeling of “We must do something now.” The stories of dying polar bears cause people to want to react when the truth is, the polar bear population has increased by a factor of 3 over the last 40 years. So what are the facts? Do the numbers support this negative reactionary mentality?

Is the earth getting warmer? Over that past 150 years, measurements have been made and the fact is, yes, the temperature is going up, slightly, but up. The increase since 1880 to 2006 is only a little over .7 degrees C. With the biggest jump starting around the late 80’s to early 90’s.


One thing to keep in mind is, how are they getting the temperature data? Most scientists try to measure earth surface temperature which is a little deceiving. Land use changes affect these readings. New development in city areas is obviously going to cause an increase in temperature. Also, you’ll have to keep in mind that in rural areas the temperatures mostly stay the same, so land use is part of the cause. Now, most of the new forms of measuring surface temperature of oceans, and satellite measurement are only around 30 years old and direct measurement of co2 only go back to 1958. The satellite measurements are the more accurate as they can get unbiased temperatures that aren’t affected by land use. Over those 30 or so years, there has been an increase in the global temperature, but again, it’s small. So the fact is, yes, there is a warming trend. But why?

Most mainstream scientists blame Co2 for the increase in earths temperatures. The whole idea is that we are at fault. If this were true, the data would support that, but it doesn’t. In Al Gore’s “An inconvenient Truth” he shows a graph of global temperature over the last 600,000 years (remember we’ve only had measurements since 1880) and the Co2 levels for the same time (we’ve only had direct Co2 measurements since 1958) and he would lead us to believe that the as the Co2 increases, the temperature increases, but that is a distortion of the truth.


The only truth is, over the years, the temperature and Co2 increases tend to follow each other….but not the way they say. As the temperature increases, there is a huge lag, and then the Co2 levels increase. The reverse is true, temperatures actually cause an increase in Co2 levels. Not the other way around.


Another interesting fact is that there was a temperature increase from the 1920’s to the 1940’s, before the increase in post WWII economics. Then, during the “post-war economic boom” the temperature actually decreased! Completely contrary to what the proponents of the Co2 theory suggest.


How can temperature increases cause Co2 level increases? Well the biggest source of global Co2 is the oceans, and when the oceans warm up, it releases Co2. Sounds simple, and it is. That’s why you see Co2 levels increasing after temperature increases. Plus, the whole idea that lowering Co2 levels would be beneficial has never made sense to me. As humans, we need oxygen to survive. Where do we get it from? Oxygen producing plants, and how do the plants produce it? Why, they convert Co2 into oxygen. So lowering Co2 would make a negative impact on the environment, not a positive.

What about all the negative effects? Here is where people forget that global warming is not going to be all bad. It’s important to keep a balanced view of it. For example, more people die every year due to exposure to cold then they do to exposure to heat. If the global temperatures were to increase, in theory those cold related deaths with get less and less. Also, there will be places that will become more habitable as a result, along with areas that could not produce vegetation and harvest that will be able to. That goes along with areas that could become less habitable due to heat. But the result is not “doom and gloom.” They’re will be benefits as well.

The radical environmentalists and their dooms day lies are costing lives. For example: at least 1,000,000 Africans die every year due to poor living conditions. They burn wood and dung in huts which causes respiratory illness, mostly in children, and their governments are under pressure from environmentalists that don’t even live there, to not build hydroelectric dams, which could provide these impoverished areas with electricity. Poor people in poverty stricken areas are being sacrificed at the altar of radical environmentalism.

As Christians, we should be concerned about our environment, but also be concerned about our approach. Romans 1:25 warns of worshiping the creature, instead of the creator. The bible, in Genesis chapter 2, is clear that we are to be stewards of the earth, but it’s to benefit us, not the other way around. God created man in higher importance than the earth and commands us to take care of it for our benefit. The mainstream environmentalists would have you believe the optimal situation would be nature untouched by humans, which is NOT a biblical view. It’s important to know what you support, and to make sure you’re not supporting a policy that is destructive and harmful to the poorest people on this planet. People that are in desperate need of cheap, abundant energy to improve their living conditions.

So, care about the environment, but be careful how you approach it. Get the facts, and don’t be fooled by all the doomsayers.


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