Obama: Naive, stupid, or dangerously clever?

I may…no I will poll this, I’m curious to know what you guys may think.  Here’s today’s headline: “Obama says reaching out to enemies strengthens US

Take a read if you will, the whole article pretty much just elaborates on the title, reading it will be enough to continue reading here.  First, the question could be asked, “What’s the big deal?  Don’t you want peace?  I think it’s great Obama wants to bring us all to peace, instead of bullying other countries, we’re extending the olive branch.”  First off, I’ve never been a fan of pacifism.  I thinks it’s idiotic.  You hippies forget that some of these people don’t even want peace with us.  They just want to see us burn.  Some people, because of religious reasons *cough*radical Islam*cough*, have hatred for America because of what it sta….I should say, used to stand for.  It was once a Christian nation despite what liberals will tell you and radical Islam doesn’t like Christian nations, Christian people, Christian anything.  They want to destroy Christianity.  They don’t hate us because of something we did to them, they hate us because we are what we are.  No amount of extending a hand of friendship is going to change that. Although Obama doesn’t consider us a Christian nation anymore so maybe that’s not a problem anymore.  Right.   This is why I wonder whether or not Obama is naive, stupid, or dangerously clever.  Is he naive?  Does he not understand how these radicals feel about us and why they feel that way?  Is he stupid?  Does he, in fact, understand the nature of the beast but think somehow he can change the way they feel?  Is he dangerously clever?  Is he in league with these American hating people and setting us up for destruction?  The latter may be extreme thinking…but, is it…really?  This is a man that refused to cover his heart during a crappy rendition of the national anthem and called the US “arrogant, dismissive, and derisive.”  While I think it’s great to try to mend fences and make friends, there are certain people you cannot and will not earn respect from.  It’s not going to happen.  You need to have a defensive stance and keep your eye on these people.  There is a difference in trying to befriend the enemy and letting the enemy slip into your carry on luggage.  Obama insists on peace and in the hopes of this peace he relaxes the defenses as a sign of “good faith.”  This is opening the door for radicals and terrorists to do their worst.  Closing down Gitmo, releasing the CIA’s documents on torture techniques, these are things that weaken us and make us vulnerable.  Somehow torturing a known terrorist is inhumane but killing unborn children isn’t killing at all, it’s just discarding an inconvenience.  Cleverly disguised eugenics, that’s the ugly truth of Planned Parenthood.  Obama’s foreign policy, his disregard for human life, pacifistic view on justice, and economic idiocy leaves me drawing a blank when I’m faced with the question of whether Obama is naive, stupid, or dangerously clever.  Yet, when I really think about it, I know he’s not naive.  He understands what he’s doing.  He’s not stupid, he is in fact an intelligent man.  I honestly believe the answer is the latter, he is dangerously clever.  He is a master of distraction, keep your attention on one issue while he quickly changes, reshapes, and reconstructs America.  Then, while we contemplate what just happened, he’s at it again.  A cunning strategist using smokescreens to turn this great nation into something completely opposed to what our founding fathers wanted.  One nation under God is fading away and our freedoms are slowly and little by little being either taken away or diminished.  This new era of hugging our enemies and bowing to foreign dictators is nothing more than a dance with devil.


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